I'm Björn

Digital design generalist

To me design combines an understanding of people, technology, society, and business. I want to help you create useful, usable and beautiful products and services.

Hire me :)

My origin story

University made me want to understand you. Marsupilami was part of my first collection. And my dad helps people have great experiences.

Some Origins of Me

I am easily motivated (or am I?)

I like making money. But there are much better ways of getting me to do stuff then to pay me.

9 keys to getting great work from me

SVT was great

While at SVT I developed my ability to think strategically, learned to appreciate Scrum and met hundreds of persons to validate interactions.

I helped build some great video services

I influence behaviour

To enable users and service owners to reach their goals I need to influence behaviour of the user, the system and the owner.

My job is to influence behaviour

I do not do experience design

I am not divine. I can not design experiences. But you can expect me to enable experiences.

Experience creationism


A lot of my thinking converges on one concept: Inclusion. Topics are as diverse as poverty, support for assistive technology and browser support.

It’s about inclusion

Broad passions

There is a very broad range of persons, systems and organizations that I must empathize with and cater to when designing.

Those that I am passionate about

Most proud of

Bathroom User Experiences

Faucets, airplane flush buttons and showers can actually teach us a lot about designing digital products.

Faucets for "the disabled" are the best

Content types

How we represent and organize content is a foundation for all information systems. I explore various and some funky ways of organizing info.

Content atoms, visual repr, and more

4 ways I meet "users"

There are many ways of engaging persons in the design process. But not all where created equal.

Usability tests, Interviews, and more

Structures of User Experiences

Interactive systems enable experiences. For those experiences to be positive, the systems need structure. Which structure you chose is vital.

A taxonomy and problematic systems

Understanding the young ones

Sure, we are individuals. But when we are given an iPad many of us behave quite predictably.

How we 3 to 5 year olds behave


When my work is "over" (as if that ever happens) this is what has been created.

Prototypes, workshops, tests and more

Welcome to my brain

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The 3 roles of research

Creating a foundation, validating ideas and ensuring usability is where research with customers can provide value when we create digital products. But how?