9 keys to getting great work from me

I like making money. But there are much better ways of getting me to do stuff then to pay me.


I need to understand
– the Business, it’s Context and the Whole Problem that we are trying to solve.

I need for us to Prove that things work
– instead of just believing that they do.

Communicate with me
– show me that I am part of a living organization.

Give me Autonomy & Responsibility
– let me do my shit and challenge me to be better.

I love Structure
– let’s have a plan and change it when it needs to change.

Keep Promises
– communicate ideas as such, decisions as such. Communicate clearly when stuff changes and make sure that change happens on good merits.

I want to Change My Mind
– prove to me that you are correct. Please!

Let’s do as little trash talking about colleagues, customers and competitors as possible
– but give and take structured feedback on a regular basis.

Anybody is always allowed to break up with anybody else for any reason.
– We do not owe each other commitment – we chose to work together.


Here are some methods that work to get me going:

  • Answer all the questions I ask you – saying “I don’t know” or “Let’s figure that out together!” is often an excellent answer.
  • “Daily”, “Planning” and “Retro” á la Scrum – with or without a strict sprint structure.
  • Customer Behaviour Research – Data collection, Analysis and Synthesis.
  • Experimental design – based on hypotheses’, design studio sessions, live tests with “users”, A/B tests, etc.

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