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Once a product is (somewhat) defined, what is needed to get it used, and which are some 2019 role titles that does the job?

My answer is of course too limited and too specific. But it hopefully provides a valuable perspective.

Functional, stable and quick

As Laura Klein says: “Your app is never quick enough.” But we also need to make sure that the functionality the customer need to “become a better self” exist.

Engineers of various kinds make this happen.


When we “deliver” a product all the details around layout, colors, motions, sounds, states, texts, etc need to be defined.

An interaction specialist, an information architect, and an art director therefore continue their work, but with a different perspective than during “discovery”.

Set up for iterations, usage analysis and growth

”A digital product is never finished.” ”Everything is an experiment.” Etc. Therefore we need to prepare the product to be able to evaluate the relative success of features or whole products. We also need to establish processes that make improvements and pivots possible. And then the work needs to be done…

A product manager makes this happen.

Well positioned

Products are bought because they help persons become better. But just functionality is not enough. The product also needs a story – a story that resonate and that is true.

A product marketer positions the product.


Keeping the delivery process together and maintaining momentum is vital for the product to get built.

A scrum master ensures the delivery of an iteratively created, but always whole, product.

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