Experience creationism

I am not divine. I can not design experiences. But you can expect me to enable experiences.

Experience – change in a persons subjective state of reality based on interaction with their environment

Design – to think up and plan out in the mind (Wordcentral)

Creationism – the belief that the universe and life originate ‘from specific acts of divine creation.’  (Wikipedia)

In my profession I am sometimes called a User Experience Designer. This title is problematic to me due to an experience being a subjective change of a persons mental state. No two persons (“users”) experience their interaction with an artefact the same. Thus I can never plan and think up (I.E. design) an experience for someone else or even for myself. To be able to design an experience I would have to know a persons full state of mind beforehand and create an individualized artefact based on that. Sounds pretty divine, does it not?

Every day I think about how persons can interact with artefacts in ways that are meaningful, fun and efficient. I leave negative space in various parts of Orkideprat.se because it enables members to leave their mark on the site. I chose side-swipe and tap as the main interaction patterns in Barnplay.se because they are understandable even for very young kids. These acts of design enable persons to have experiences.

Enable – to give power, means, competence, or ability to… (Reference.com)

Instead of expecting creationism from me, I invite you to expect me to enable experiences. I am an experience enabler.

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