Content strategy: ReAct

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Content Strategy: ReAct

Together with the ReAct team I gave their site a clear focus, founded on ReAct’s goals.

ReAct is a non-profit whose mission is to decrease the negative impact of antibiotic resistance. I have helped move their website to WordPress and refreshed its visual language.

My biggest impact though was that I helped them address issues around how the site supports their mission.

My contribution

I lead a process that resulted in a new content concept for the site. I held two on-site workshops where we started with ReAct’s mission and strategy, then spoke about how communication in general play a part in reaching ReAct’s goals, and finally landed on how the website might help. After I analyzed and created a concept suggestion, I pitched the concept via remote sessions and got buy-in from ReAct’s leadership.

I then worked with the editorial team to create the new site structure and I edited some materials for it. I continue to work with the team as they discover ways to improve both the content and the structure of the site.

Peek inside the process

An early presentation of the new content strategy for (PDF).


We let the site focus on ReAct’s main audiences – healthcare professions, staff in civil society organizations, and policy makers in governments. Individuals in the audiences have varying levels of knowledge about antibiotic resistance (ABR), so we also created an “introduction to ABR” and incorporated an existing “toolbox” with deep and broad knowledge about the topic.

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