Foundations for better restaurant sites

Part 8 of 8 in the series Deliverables.

To design better restaurant sites I interviewed six persons. From the discussions I got eight insights. Among them are that sites are used by newbies and regulars, that reviews are super valuable, that we want to imagine the restaurant visit before it happens, and more. The insights can help when building new sites/apps or evaluating existing ones. 8 things the site needs to enable

A better blog with Series’ and Collections

My blog suffered from not having an easy way of grouping posts about the same topic. I solved that by build functionality to represent Series'. The blog software did not give me the possibility of giving more valuable posts more focus. Collections are my reply to that challenge. Together they make my blog more fun to play with, and more expressive. What I built to make it better.

What I experienced at SVT

I worked for three years as an Interaction Designer at SVT, the Swedish public service TV broadcaster. While helping to build some great video services (and games) I developed my ability to think strategically, learned to appreciate Scrum and met hundreds of persons to validate interaction concepts. Strategist, inclusion, Scrum and more.