Summary & Comparison

Part 5 of 5 in the series 4 ways I meet "users".

As the final part of my short series about participatory design I have created a comparison table to help you chose the best method for the current phase of your project. LDR = Long-distance Relationship.

Usability Test Interview Guided Exploration LDR
Focus area Single feature Use context Scenario Use over time
# of participants 10-15 5-10 5-7 20-100
User state Novices Novice / Intermedate / Expert Novice / Intermedate / Expert From novice to expert over time
Duration 5 minutes 30–60 minutes 30–60 minutes 1–6 months
Material Prototype None Interactive prototype or production system Production system
Researchers 2–5 1–2 1 1
Observers 2–5 None None None

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